Week 8 – 2017 – Behind but not forgotten.  A Lesson in Sacrifice

I seem to get behind at this time of year.  I am not alone.  The start of the holiday season, Thanksgiving and Christmas, gets me thinking of the get-togethers, good times, food and drink.  It is also a very challenging time for MKMMA members and staff.  We have to be ultra-aware of this and guard subby from falling back into the same old things that essentially messed us up in the first place.

I must make a promise to catch up and not waste time doing meaningless, mindless things.  A promise will work because I always keep my promises.

What can I promise to do?  I need a sacrifice – what have I done or not done that has kept me from doing what I need to do to promote my purpose and fulfill my goals?Stay off social media (except for what I need to do connected with my goals).  Stay away from the “newsletters” that have the catchy titles which draw

you in, and once in reveal very little content related to the headlines or doesn’t have much in the way of interest.

Often times we not only have to sacrifice those time-waster things, but also the things we love to do in order to succeed.  Maybe it’s talking to loved ones on the phone for hours instead of maybe a few “Just called to say I love you” conversations to keep in touch.  Maybe it’s cutting out going to several movies – narrowing it down to once every two weeks.  It could be reducing or eliminating the time spent watching television.  It could be reducing the amount of golf you play per week or month or the amount of time spent in nightclubs.  Everyone has something that has been a time-burning obstacle.  Find it and eliminate it.

Remember that activity does not equate to results.  Be efficient in all you do.  Come up with a plan, write it out and stick with it.

So here I am, sitting at my computer writing my blog – after falling behind.  But I am recognizing that and am doing something about it right now.  How about you?  Are you behind?  What’s your sacrifice?

What is my sacrifice you might be asking?  That is not important in your world, only mine.  Just be assured that I have one or two and am aware of them and abiding by them  May you do the same.

Until next time, think right and live right.

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