Week 6 – 2017 – Reaping What You Sow

What a great time this is in the MKMMA world.  The people I am tasked with guiding in their MKMMA quest to success is really starting to pay off.

Almost all of my “tribe” started off pushing back on the system.  This was all new to them and they, like almost all humans, were resistant to change.  It is human nature.

What to do?  I am totally grateful to our mentors who trained us in the MKMMA Guide program, Mark J., “The Fabulous Davene” and of course, Dayna and Derek.  There are and were others, but these were the principle teachers.

The training showed us what to plant, how to tend to the garden in our trust, then watch the beautiful plants grow from the seeds we planted.  The “victims” that were our members had no idea what was happening nor what was coming.

Don’t influence.  Or rather, influence by not influencing.  Probably the more challenging part of the course and conceptually problematic just by the wording.

So how do you influence without influencing?  A secret given us in our training.  Let’s just say that we can show them how to think and how to write – but taboo to tell them what to think and what to write.  No opinions – The 7-Day Mental Diet;  Give more – get more – Emerson’s Law of Compensation.  The list goes on, but a little of each is in this training and what is the outcome?


We take what seems barren ground and through our training and their will, watch it turn into rich, fertile land.  We reap what we sow!!!  We see the fruits of our labor.  Those that stick with us become brand new self-directed thinkers with all the tools needed to create whatever they want in their lives. What farmer or green-thumb gardener could possibly ask for more?

I know I couldn’t.

Until next time, think right and live right.

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