Week 3 – 2017 – Closer and Closer

As the Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) course develops, new requirements are placed on our members’ time.  They often get frustrated because they’re being pressured into changing just about everything in their lives.  They are pressured more and more into leaving their “comfort zone”, that which they are accustomed to but want to stay in even if it is painful.  Go figure, huh?  But that’s the way our minds were designed.  To stay in the known and completely stay away from the unknown.

Ah, the unknown.  That mystery behind the door.  That is where the MKMMA is designed to take us.  The journey which we will be defining soon.  The members have already started on this journey, just not totally committed yet.  We are getting closer and closer to that magical moment when the “all in” decision has been made.  And what a glorious moment it is.  I can’t describe it.  Each member must live it to know what it is.  But it is there for all to experience.  All they have to do is make a decision and commitment to do it.

Climb the staircase up to the heights they were destined to gain.  When it is experienced, then all things seem to open unto them.  People, events and circumstances only dreamt of appear.  The Universe works in mysterious ways.  We get the opportunity to watch these people grow in ways that a few short years ago we did.  We get to help them get there.  What a glorious feeling of accomplishment witnessing their growth into budding flowers of humanity.

Yes, we are getting closer and closer to the time when this course makes all of this happen.  Closer and closer to the members realizing their goals and dreams.  For some it will happen sooner to them than to others, but if they stick with the commitments and do the exercises as prescribed, they all will eventually get there.  Closer and closer they all are progressing.  We, being their guides through this journey, are getting closer and closer to our goals, also.  It surely is worth it to us.

Best wishes to your success.

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