Week 24 – Commencement

As the song says:graduation-995042__180

“It’s a time for joy, a time for tears;

A time we’ll treasure through the years;

We’ll remember always,

Graduation Day.”

Yes, we are now preparing to start on a new journey.  One that promises to be filled with the joys and tears of life, but overall a very successful one because we were trained for success.

Looking back on the MKMMA journey preparation is interesting, indeed.  We first learned how to control our body

Next we tried to concentrate on one thought – and found how much “white noise” was prevalent in our surroundings.

In our minds, we took apart battleships from the floating mass of steel all the way back to when it was an idea, fueled by some imminent need or danger, whether real or perceived.

We mentally planted a bulb, nurtured it, watered it and watched it grow into a full blooming flower.  We were cognizant of the atoms, pre-programmed to amass with others to form stems, leafs, capillaries, petals.  They knew their function and proceeded toward it.

We were introduced to so much more to ensure our success:

  • The shapes, colors and associations, called mental triggers, to plant elements of our DMP into and onto our brains, invoking the Law of Growth: “What I think about grows and what I don’t think about atrophies, without exception.”;
  • The Plan of Action (POA) cards that we created and added an activity or commitment toward our goals;
  • The Service cards that were transformed from chore cards – a way to condition our sub-conscious into knowing that we honor our promises;
  • The daily readings of Og Mandino, the Master Keys, our DMPs, our PPNs;scroll-32278__180
  • Creation and reading of our Press Release;
  • The daily rituals of saying little things out loud whenever needed;
    • Do it now! I can be what I will to be.  I’m in the flow.
    • I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.
  • Exercising;
  • Expressing Gratitude;
  • Doing the R2A2 thing – recognizing kindness;
  • The flash cards.

This was the tip of the iceberg.  But, oh, what a journey.  We are now armed with the knowledge that we need in order to undertake anything and be successful at it.  All it takes is the blueprint we started with at the beginning – “A thought, charged with feeling, which becomes a belief. .  .”

Yes, it is a time for joy, to rejoice that not only did we make it through the class, but did so with faith, courage, ups

and downs and did not quit.owl-44552__180

And yes, it is a time for tears.  We will miss the MKMMA webinars, the camaraderie, the honesty during the webinar masterminding sessions.

The awe-inspiring totality that the MKMMA course was, is and always will be is what we are taking away this final week.  We will use the tools we were given to prevent ourselves from sinking back into the old blueprint we were living in and forge ahead – knowing that we now can do it.

What is IT, you ask?  Whatever we will it to be.

As Mark J. says “Peace be the journey”.

Until next time, think right, live right.

Richard Barton says April 1, 2016

What a great recap of the journey. The little tools that would take with us forever. We still have four more months of reading Og. And we can be what we will to be.

Jean says March 25, 2016

What a tremendous course recap. How far we have come on this journey that is only just beginning.

Marilyn Holloway says March 25, 2016

Great post, Ken! This truly has been an amazing journey. Thank you.

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