Week 22A – The Walk

I recently watched “The Walk”, an inspiring movie relating the creation, visualization and attainment of a dresport-1013972__180am. Phillipe Petit – the only man to walk the high wire over 100 stories up between the twin towers in New York City in 1973 was that dreamer, that creator, that performer.

It certainly was one of those movies that got the senses going – especially when Phillipe was actually walking between the two towers.


Now, I admit that I have a fear of falling.  At one time I considered it a fear of heights.  But if that were the case, I wouldn’t be able to fly or ride an aerial tram, which I have no issues with.  So I consider it a fear of falling.  There may be a fine line between the two, but fear is not something I have a lot of, and fear of falling is quite natural.  In fact, it is one of only two innate fears that we have.  That and fear of loud noises.  So arguably I have a fear of falling, not heights.


Back to the senses thing.  As I watched the high wire antics of Phillipe and how I felt created not only interesting feelings, but also interesting thoughts.

First, I knew that the scenes were created by special effect photography.  After all, the movie was made in 2015 and the twin towers were destroyed in 2001.  Still I felt as if I were in danger of falling (vicariously through Phillipe, yes, but nonetheless the feeling was real).

I also recall the incident while in college, so I knew that Phillipe did not fall and was arrested when he completed his “walk”.  Yet while watching the scene of him walking the wire between the towers, I still had a sense that he could, and quite possibly would, fall.


This led me to turn my thoughts inward.  If previously knowing that he did not fall, would not fall and that I, personally, was in no danger of falling, why did those feelings seem to affect me?

Here is the amazing part.  The only thing I could come up with was that I put myself on the wire in place of Phillipe, and there was the distinct possibility that I could fall, whether he did or not in 1973.  It was today – here and now.

Hmm.  That, dear readers, must be imagination.  It proves that I have it.  Maybe greater now after taking the Master Mind course than ever before.

Another interesting morsel.  Mr. Franklin, the makeover virtue for this week?  Imagination!

Until next time, think right – live right.

Richard Barton says March 13, 2016

Great insight into imagination. That is something I am working on as well.

Jean says March 10, 2016

Interesting proof, Ken. I hadn’t considered it from that angle before.

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