Week 22 – The Silence

Quiet PleaseThis week and / or next, we are being chartered with practicing “Silence”.  The rules are fairly simple.  Stay off Facebook and other social media, no TV or other mainstream media and practice silence and meditate often.

Simple rules.  Not so simple in practice, though.

I don’t have an issue with staying away from mainstream and social media.  It’s quite refreshing, actually.  Remaining silent while working and such is quite a different matter altogether.  Just writing this is probably against the rules, but with so many requirements we have been diligently adhering to, we have created the habits intended and it is difficult to relinquish them.

Baboon quiet

That being said, this will be a short edition so that I can return to “The Silence” as prescribed and keep away from everything proscribed by our new found learning.

So I will sum up with a few short comments and hope that I am abiding by both sides of the coin that I have tossed up.  I am looking for a “Heads I win, Tails you lose” scenario if that is possible.  So here goes.

To sum up my course of action and what I intend to get out of this, in simple terms:

  • Silence is golden, but my eyes still see.
  • Be the observer.

Silence is Golden

Until next time, think right and live right