Week 18 – Overcoming Obstacles

I love it when I come across a “feel good” story.  Especially when it is about someone unexpected that does something equally unexpected.  A miracle?  Perhaps – in the world without.  But MKMMA members know that this is not the case in the world within.  Our world – and welcome to it – if you wish.

Paul Smith, featured below, is an amazing person that becomes more amazing with every second you watch his story. Here is someone that could have thrown in the towel, quit, resigned himself to a life he was “supposed to live” with severe cerebral palsy.  Society claims that he’s not supposed to be able to do the things he does.  But, thankfully, Paul didn’t listen to others.  A lesser person probably would have believed the words of others about what they couldn’t do.  He might have even resigned himself to the fact that he wouldn’t even live very long.  Yet here he is.  He’s lived in the nursing home since the 1967 and appears to be going strong.

Paul is someone that developed a talent that is remarkable even for someone with no disability, yet he has a severe one and in spite of it is very successful. He is one to be admired, yet he is humble enough to praise others around him rather than look to be praised.

Let Paul Smith be a lesson to all of us.  No pity parties here, for sure.  One happy fellow that came out smiling even though live dealt him a hand that was anything but good from the deck.  He won the hand, though.  And he didn’t bluff anyone doing it.  Most of all, he didn’t bluff himself.  The “Guy In the Glass” is certainly a true friend of Paul’s.

Paul admits that there are two things that keep him going – his faith, and his finger.  The finger Paul refers to is his index finger – the one that makes the beautiful artwork.  Most other people use a different finger – and they have so much more to be thankful for than Paul.  Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Until next time, think right – live right.

Ramses says February 7, 2016

Fantastic. And we all have the same spirit of achievement inside. If we tap into it the word can be much broader, just like it was for Paul.

    Ken Petersen says February 10, 2016

    It seems as if the people with the most to complain about, don’t. The rest of us should really be counting our blessings. Thanks for the comment, Ramses.

Jan Russ says February 7, 2016

Thanks for sharing this information.

    Ken Petersen says February 7, 2016

    My plrasure, Jan. Thanks for commenting.

Jean says February 6, 2016

Thanks for posting the video, Ken. I’d seen the squirrel picture on FB, but I don’t tend to watch many videos posted on FB. This man’s art is stunningly intricate.

    Ken Petersen says February 7, 2016

    He is amazing. I try to limit what I watch on FB also. Some things catch your eye, though.

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