Week 17b – Driving Miss Daisy

Here I am, sitting and writing my blog for this week and notice that my blog from last week never showed up.  Whiskey – Tango – Fox, over?  (A bit of code for the ex-military personnel which, when deciphered makes my question pretty apparent.)

I recently purchased a hosted blog through TKB (a great group, by the way), and I am adjusting to having not only two pages on one site, but during the transition, I had two sites which I am still juggling a bit.

If you read my blog of Week 17a, you will see how habits are driving our everyday lives – to abundance or exasperation – your choice depending on your willingness to change.  I am going to call my subby “Miss Daisy” going forward to remind myself of the interactions between the conscious and sub-conscious.

Between the two (Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman) in the movie, they appear to have a relationship similar to that of the conscious and sub-conscious.  Dan Akroyd makes the statement “She can say anything she wants, but she can’t fire you.”   Then . . .well, I will let you find the links and metaphors between the two characters that relate to our conscious and subconscious minds.  Interesting, really.

My point is that I was just going along from what I thought was the normal course of things in creating my Week 17 blog.  When writing my Week 17a blog, I noticed that my Week 17 blog had no views, no comments.  Reason?  I published it on the main page, not the sub-domain.  No notices went out.  I since copied it over to this page and all should be good going forward – unless I get the subby driving me instead of paying attention in the here and now.

So, Miss Daisy, I may have made a wrong turn, but you did it with me – and you have the map!

Until next time, think right, live right.

Ramses says February 7, 2016

Great analogy Ken. Best part is that after some time the conscious and sub-conscious got together along very well. We are in the same path. Thanks for the insight,

    Ken Petersen says February 10, 2016

    It is great when the two get along together. The trick is to keep them that way. Thanks.

Jean says January 30, 2016

I love Driving Miss Daisy. I need to watch it again with my new perspective.

    Ken Petersen says January 31, 2016

    Thanks again, Jean. I’m sure it will fit in with your new perspective.

Denise Rembert says January 29, 2016

I love the metaphors. Driving Miss Daisy was one of my favorite movies! Great blog!

    Ken Petersen says January 31, 2016

    Thanks, Denise. I appreciate your kind words.

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