Week 17 – The Structure of Things

Wow – I love the structure that MKMMA gives us.  It takes the guesswork and mystery out of the entire arena of self-improvement, creativity and manifestation of dreams.  When I think back on my first introduction to these concepts, I learned a lot, but there was always something missing.  Why was I still not getting what I was thinking about?  Where was the magical, missing ingredient that I was lacking?  Somewhere deep down, the secrets were there, but were hidden.  MKMMA seems to have filled in the blanks.  Let’s see if I have them.

It was explained to me that there were 4 elements, or pillars, to the success formula.  I wrote those down and made sure they were part of my daily ritual of practice and persistence.

The 4 pillars we learned about over the past 16 weeks:

  1. DMP;
  2. POA;
  3. PMA;
  4. MM.

Then we started with the “Franklin Makeover”, where we were introduced to more things, which I will call “the 5 support pillars” so to speak.

  1. Gratitude;
  2. Feel Good Moments;
  3. Movement (exercise);
  4. Kindness;
  5. The Sit.

Yes, there are several things that make up the pillar / support pillar structure, such as our PPNs and movie trailers, etc., but it about sums up the keys.  At least for now, the 9 keys to success are laid out in an orderly fashion, right before your very eyes.  If you practice these elements early and often, (like suggested voting in Chicago), then success is guaranteed.  But it must be done to create a habit.  (NOTE** – If these are treated as assignments or a checklist, the effect is diminished or possibly even non-existent.  Don’t let the listing be the ultimate structure as to the order of things.  Vary the content and sequences to get the maximum benefit.)

Looking at the list laid out this way, I see what needs to be done and am confident that I can commit to doing the work, to creating the habit(s), to recognize the changes feeding my new belief system, that I will make it this time – no question.  Oh, wait. I actually do have a question.

We still have 9 or 10 more weeks to go.  If this is the entire blueprint to success (once the habits have been formed), then what could possibly be awaiting us in the next weeks?

We were given a hint during the intro video.  It has to do with making us self-reliant thinkers.  Creating ourselves to be self-sufficient in every way, shape and form.  Another hint?  We tend to drift at this point.

Until next time, think right, be right, live right.