Week 16 – I Can See Clearly Now

This week’s Master Key gave me a sense of understanding.  The last several lessons started making more sense to me.  I began to get the message and jumped into the deep end with both feet.  A real great concept was wending its way through my mind and I was ready to run with it.

Uh oh.  I then hit a brick wall.  OK.  So what happened?  The old blueprint reared its ugly head and planted all kinds of negative thoughts and every other kind of monkey wrench it could come up with into my plans.  Worry?   Fear?  What now?

Three months or so ago, I would have been totally frustrated, scared and have rationalized why I should quit, and quite possibly would have done just that.

But, possibly by design, it didn’t happen then, it happened now.  Three months later I find myself actually welcoming the assault.  Rather than facing failure and quitting like I did so many times before, I know that the old blueprint is in its last throes of life, beginning to gasp its last breath, like the candle that flickers brightly just before it extinguishes itself.  If this is truly what I believe it is, this is REALLY EXCITING!!!!!!  (BAM!)  This time I am prepared and the Universal Mind knows I am ready for this test and that I will overcome it.

Lesson 16 gives us the fundamentals to Harmony and Happiness.  Thought manifests from form, quality and vitality.  To break it down further let’s list these:

Form = how vivid is the thought or image?

Quality = the frequency and strength of the thought;

Vitality = the feeling infused in the thought.

Sound familiar?  No argument about the thought being the thought.   The vitality is the feeling.  Again no argument.  The quality?  Hmm.  Could that be defined as belief?  I know from my viewpoint, the stronger I concentrate and focus on a thought, the more I believe it to be.  End of story.  Goes back to the original MKMMA lesson – a thought energized with feeling becomes a belief.

Amazing how all of the previously “scattered” concepts are coming together.  Actually they are the same things – just stated a bit differently.   As Paul Harvey used to say; “Now you know the rest of the story.”

The video sums it up – Until next time, think right – live right.

Nancy Jo Heart says January 22, 2016

I love the unfolding of your life in this post! Magnificent! Thanks for sharing.

Norma Smith says January 16, 2016

Words of encouragement. The old blueprint is trying to hang in but like all bad habits we can overcome it.

Dave Bernstrom says January 15, 2016

Awesome Ken! I can feel the tipping point in your post! So powerful when the awareness takes over and the old stuff gasps for it’s last breath! Excellent!!!

    Ken Petersen says January 15, 2016

    Thanks, Dave. The trick for me is to kick the old blueprint while it is down.

Jean says January 15, 2016

The path is becoming much clearer now. I keep seeing more areas where I need improvement, but I see that in context of what we’ve learned throughout the course, and I’m beginning to see ways (drumroll, please) to apply the knowledge.

    Ken Petersen says January 15, 2016

    You are on your way, Jean. I am creating your drumroll right now.

Jan Russ says January 15, 2016

Great post Ken, very helpful to read. Thank you.

    Ken Petersen says January 15, 2016

    I love it when someone says that I helped them. Glad to be of service, Jan.

Richard Barton says January 14, 2016

Congratulations on your insights. thanks for sharing them.

    Ken Petersen says January 15, 2016

    Thanks for the kind comments. Hope I helped you in some small way.

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