Week 12 – MKMMA – Shapes, Math, Haanel, Og and Emerson

During a quiet period the other day, several things popped into my mind.  It started with the “shapes” poster.  I went through the progression of green triangles, yellow squares, blue rectangles and finally, for some reason, I became fixated on the red circles.

Well, one thing led to another.  The next thing I realized that I was thinking about mathematical descriptions of circles.  After an interesting episode of thought in that arena, I then jumped to Charles Haanel, Og Mandino and Ralph Waldo Emerson.  I shall explain.

I recalled that calculus has an interesting proof.  It uses trigonometry and analytic geometry to prove that a circle is made up of an infinite number of “corners”.  I won’t go into the details of the proof here, but it really got me to thinking how things are not always what they appear to be.  In fact, since starting the MKMMA course, I am finding that ALMOST ALL THINGS are not as they appear – a constant reminder that I need to step back and look at the big picture, then dive in on a microscopic level, taking the big picture apart and analyzing all the pieces to get the true picture and meaning of things.  We practiced this with Haanel’s exercises when we “deconstructed” a battleship (looking at the big picture and taking it apart to it’s fundamental parts and origins).  We then took a look at a flower from a microscopic level, imagining it from it’s atomic origins, to a seed, to full bloom and discovered how each sub-particle each had a specific goal and purpose to build and make the flower grow into its intended bloom.

This led me to Og Mandino on “Persistence” and success – Scroll III in “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, where it states “Never…I know how close [success] lies unless I turn the CORNER.”

Emerson’s essay on compensation states that “The world looks like a multiplication-table, or a mathematical equation, which, turn it how you will, balances itself”, and “All love is mathematically just, as much as two sides of an algebraic equation.”

So what does all of this mean?  To my old way of thinking, this diatribe would seem to be a bit disjointed, but to my new reality and my “starting to get it”, it illustrates what MKMMA has been driving us to understand and believe – that all things are realized and created from a thought first, and since all things have the same origin, all things must be related.  This means that your world of TOMORROW is being created by what you are thinking TODAY!!!  Are your thoughts consistent with what you want?  No?  Then change them.

Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing [thinking] the same things over and over again and expecting a different outcome”.  Ain’t gonna happen, my friends.

Until next time, think right, believe and achieve.

EurekaBizMKMMA says December 21, 2015

Ken, thanks for sharing so clearly with us your mind’s journey through this set of connections. I never took Calculus, so it was news to me that a circle is made up of an infinite number of corners. When I read that, that seemed another way of saying what Trish had said in the Week 12 webinar: We are all part of the Universal Mind [one all-encompassing circle]; the only difference is in degree [which corner of the circle we abide in].

    ktmasterkey says December 21, 2015

    We can look at circles as being continuous curves or as corners we can get backed into if not careful. Thanks for your insight and kind comments.

Dre Van R says December 21, 2015

i recall my friend walking around with a compass last year around this time. All year I thought about getting in on the program, waiting for the registration to open. Thank you for this post.

    ktmasterkey says December 21, 2015

    Thanks for sharing and reading the post. You are most welcome. Doesn’t this appear to be “Giving and Receiving”?

masterkey.dowcoachingworks says December 20, 2015

Thank you for reviewing the linking of the progression we are on. I love to think about how it all started somewhere – with a thought!

    ktmasterkey says December 21, 2015

    I am happy that I was able to give you thoughts to consider. Thank you for your comments.

masterkeyssquevedo says December 19, 2015

That was a very well thought out post! Calculus, trigonometry, and geometry left me as soon as I left the classroom but I get the gist of this just fine. All of it makes me think about the ol’ saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” Dig deeper.

    ktmasterkey says December 21, 2015

    One of my PPN’s – helping others. I am glad I could be of help.

mkmmajean says December 19, 2015

This really pulls a lot of concepts together. I have not yet grasped the significance of Emerson, but I have not given up trying. I pull him out and re-read every couple of weeks.

Nisa says December 19, 2015

Thanks Ken for your great insight connection to the path of persistence and success!!!

    ktmasterkey says December 19, 2015

    Thank you, Nisa, for your kind comments.

dbernstrom says December 18, 2015

Insightful and honestly a great post Ken!

janesmasterkey says December 18, 2015

Loved your blog! Whether it is math or science, it’s all in thinking! Change your thinking, change your world!

Norma Smith says December 18, 2015

Thought creates the belief.

    ktmasterkey says December 18, 2015

    Succinctly put. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    ktmasterkey says December 21, 2015

    Truly spoken, Norma. Thanks for the comments.

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