Week 10 – Mental Diets, Diet Pills, Colors, Shapes……

Hmm.  No webinar this week.  What to do?

There is actually plenty to do according to Mark’s intro video.  Going to be linking and connecting; connecting and linking.  “Knowledge won’t apply itself.”  There is something else that needs to be done.  Stay focused – live the metaphors, blend in Og, and then wait for the “payoff” in week 11. What?  I have to WAIT ANOTHER WEEK for the payoff?  Think of the 7 Laws of the Mind.  Oh, yeah (the Law of Dual Thought).  I’ll give you a feeling to attach to my current thought – especially after being told to wait another week.

OK, calm down (Law of Relaxation).  From Og’s Scroll I carry over –> “Time teaches all things to him who lives forever but I have not the luxury of eternity.  Yet within my allotted time I must practice the art of patience, for Nature acts never in haste.”

Therefore, I choose to attach a different feeling – scratch the first one.

But can I wait another week?  Is there a Law of Patience?  If not, there probably should be.  This reminds me of the old movie serials where you get to a point where the hero is hanging from a cliff and the villain is stomping on his fingertips.  How will he get out of this jam? “Don’t miss the next exciting thrill-packed episode”…..A good way to leave you on the edge of your seat and also to get you back to the theater again.

Mark must have inherited the script, for he just did the same thing in the Week 10 intro.  “Wait ’til next week – when the payoff will be revealed!”

Patience, again?  Or perhaps I should replace my frustration with excited anticipation (Law of Substitution).  In any case, I forgive Mark (Law of Forgiveness) for keeping me waiting.  This way at least I am practicing these 7 Laws of the Mind and not just reciting them.  (Hey – the Law of Practice – being practiced).

Are you seeing a pattern here?  The title of this post is somewhat misleading – should have been titled “The 7 Laws of the Mind”.  Oh, well, I’ll let the editors take their shots and suggest changes if they will.  To continue…..

I’ve been told that I, at many times, am unconscious (Law of Subconscious?)  Maybe a bit of a stretch, but within the realm of reason). The Law of Subconscious is probably the most natural for me, at least in this context.

Now to get that 7th law to kick in – the Law of Growth – and I am set for life.  Oh, wait – I probably have to wait for the “payoff” to really get that one going.  OK, Week 11 – I eagerly await your arrival.  I want to hear you out to validate my “burning desire” and “manifest my DMP” with the help of my new blueprint.

Now to get back to the business of bombarding my subconscious with all these positive thoughts I am having.  I still think there should be an 8th Law, I just don’t know what it should be.  Perhaps I will create it.

Until next time – live the life you were meant to live – in abundance.  Peace and Love.

D. Rembert says December 7, 2015

Hey Ken, awesome post! Yes there is actually a Law of Patience, it is a Universal Principle. “THE LAW OF PATIENCE
The Law of Patience states that all things must have their time and their season whereby they may work their action to proper fruition.” http://home.vianetworks.nl/users/lightnet/universallaws/en_laws.html
Just in case you want to see more principles! Much love!

patsrick1943 says December 5, 2015

Let’s see now, the eighth law? Maybe the law of no opinions unless asked and I am an expert. Maybe the law of positive thinking. Maybe the law of laughter. Yeah, I like that one. Thought I would drop by on my mastermind partner and see how things are going. Really enjoyed the post.

    ktmasterkey says December 12, 2015

    My apologies, Rick – I somehow missed this. Your comments are much appreciated. Talk next Friday.

Nisa King says December 5, 2015

Hello Ken, I like your sense of humors and inspirations. It helps me want to read more. In regard to your thought about the Law #8th, I am thinking that you might want to combine the last one of the 4 promises — no expectation or a general law of letting go… Cheers!

    ktmasterkey says December 11, 2015

    Thanks, Nisa. I hope I can continue to amuse you, but no expectations. LOL

mkmmajean says December 3, 2015

It’s been a great week to apply that knowledge with a little help from my mastermind partner.

    ktmasterkey says December 11, 2015

    Masterminding is always an awesome way to gain insight and to just feel good while doing it.

masterkeynow says December 3, 2015

I was ready at the scheduled time for the webinar and then remember there wasn’t one. I am savouring this progression of MKMMA and can’t wait for the week 11 payoff as well.

    ktmasterkey says December 11, 2015

    I had the same “void” when Sunday afternoon came along. We will survive, though.

Ramses Torres says December 3, 2015

Ken you are awesome. Weaving the 7 laws of the mind was brilliant. Always makes me laugh. Good to know your weeks took a change for the better.

    ktmasterkey says December 3, 2015

    You are too kind – thanks for the comments.

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