Week 1 – 2017 – Guiding Those Who Chose

In the Fall, 2015. I was first exposed to the MKMMA course, the great people involved (the trainers and my classmates) and the multitude of things I learned as a student of the Master Keys.  A rewarding experience that everyone should partake in.

I opted to become an MKMMA guide in 2016.  An experience that proved to be a great one, not only in learning to talk to people based on their innate behaviors, but learning how to direct them to their real desires without influencing them.

This year I had a choice.  Become a Master Guide, remain an intern or extract myself from the guide program altogether.  I couldn’t do the latter for reasons that people who complete the course would know.  I declined the Master Guide role.  I felt that I could have improved on the 2016 intern experience and wanted to prove it by remaining an intern for the current year.  For me it was a good thing.  There was a bumper crop of members for this year (over double what was expected) and a limited number of guides.  You can see where that leads.

So today I am an intern.  Guiding those who chose.  They chose to take this course.  The chose to do the thing that only about 5% of the population has ever done – they are writing down their goals and desires on paper in a way that their sub-conscious understands and can act on.

These are the people that are on their way to becoming successful in doing what they love doing.  These are the self-directed thinkers of the near-future.  These are the people that reap the benefits of the seeds we are helping them plant.  Above all, these are the people that tossed aside their egos and put themselves out there, with utmost humility, revealing to the MKMMA guides their most secretive and innermost thoughts and desires.  What great people these are.  They made a choice to improve their lives and selves.  They chose to focus on what really matters and ignore the rest, to see reality, not smoke and mirrors we constantly are faced with today.

My desire is to make all of this happen.  Not only for my assigned members, but for anyone that is willing to accept my assistance.  How can anything be better than that?  That is my choice.  What’s yours?

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