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Week 8 – 2017 – Behind but not forgotten.  A Lesson in Sacrifice
I seem to get behind at this time of year.  I am not alone.  The start of the holiday season,[...]
Week 7 – 2017 – Things Are “Shaping” Up
Goals embedded in particular shapes.  Each shape a specific color.  Peppering the subconscious each time the member sees either the[...]
Week 6 – 2017 – Reaping What You Sow
What a great time this is in the MKMMA world.  The people I am tasked with guiding in their MKMMA[...]
Week 5 – 2017 – Magnifying Glasses and Compasses – Focus and Direction
I mailed out magnifying glasses and compasses to my tribe last week.  A couple of small trinkets designed to remind[...]
Week 4 – 2017 – SMART Goals and Sacrifice; A Guide’s Reward
SMART goals were initiated into the Definite Major Purpose (DMP) scripts for our members.  Also, sacrifice was a hot topic[...]
Week 3 – 2017 – Closer and Closer
As the Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) course develops, new requirements are placed on our members’ time.  They often get[...]

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