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Week 24 – Commencement
As the song says: “It’s a time for joy, a time for tears; A time we’ll treasure through the years;[...]
Week 23 – Mastering My Emotions
Mastering my emotions.  Interesting.  I was removing (or obliterating) the word “will” from Scroll VI from Og Mandino’s Greatest Salesman[...]
Week 22A – The Walk
I recently watched "The Walk", an inspiring movie relating the creation, visualization and attainment of a dream. Phillipe Petit -[...]
Week 22 – The Silence
This week and / or next, we are being chartered with practicing “Silence”.  The rules are fairly simple.  Stay off[...]
Week 21 -My Ideas Are Not Big Enough
In reading the Master Key: Part Twenty-One, I was introduced by Haanel to a fabulous and remarkable concept that, at[...]
Week 20 – Class Warfare
We hear so many propagandized things going on in America.  One hot topic is that we are undergoing class warfare.[...]

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