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Week 1 – 2017 – Guiding Those Who Chose
In the Fall, 2015. I was first exposed to the MKMMA course, the great people involved (the trainers and my[...]
Vaccinations – An Argument I Don’t Get
To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate: I was never a great debater in school and was never in a position[...]
Week 18 – Overcoming Obstacles
I love it when I come across a "feel good" story.  Especially when it is about someone unexpected that does[...]
Week 17b – Driving Miss Daisy
Here I am, sitting and writing my blog for this week and notice that my blog from last week never[...]
Week 17a – Overcoming Old Habits
In recent years, I have become intrigued with facts about the brain and how it works.  Most of my knowledge comes[...]
Week 17 – The Structure of Things
Wow – I love the structure that MKMMA gives us.  It takes the guesswork and mystery out of the entire[...]

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